Crazy times! Everyones on edge, anxious & paranoid .

The beginning of march is when we all panicked, and some bought up all the groceries. This really kinda SUCKED! I am on a tight budget and usually shop only one week at a time, so please guys lets not be greedy or obsessive. We all need supplies. However It wasnt the empty shelves that were so daunting, It was how hateful and greedy people seemed in general. Seriously, like no consideration, or kindness to be found. A young clerk was crying a little bit, & I asked her if she was alright. She just referred to this older man who was very rude to her & myself. I tried to apologize to the man just because he seemed so angry. Still mean mugged us, anyway. She said people had been like that all day . They arent allowed to do any of their shopping until they’re shift is done, so by then , theres nothing left . Looking at this girl I thought she propably had babies at home, & she was truly upset. I thanked her for being on the front lines and explained that shes doing a PERFECT job( just showing up for us) & to try to remember there will always be ugly people but its their ugly, & to try to ignore it! Says much more about his lousy character than yours.

Good news though! This past saturday I went to a different wallmart . I could feel there was a definite shift, in attitudes. Everyone was respecting one another with social distancing and even seemed kinder, more tolerant. People were actually very considerate, of one another.

I know this is a scary unknown, but everyone of us is in it together. Lets show what we really are as Americans. Social distancing doesnt mean isolation it means check on each other. Send a card, or voice phone call. I believe we are Good people overall, darnit

Thats when it hit me! Just suppose God and the universe had a chat. With all the haterd, unkindness & intolerance going on lately, they deciexed to do something to bring us together. They made a little plan of showing us things. Set us straight, by showing us we are all the same in his eyes. I think its time we pulled together. We Rize by lifting others!

Be Kind First! Our settings may be a bit different, yet in exact same place. This virus is the great eagualizer. Money, fame, or hatefulness doesnt change that, we all are facing the same crisis. So if you have extra, share! If someone you encounter seems frustrated or upset realize a kind smile might help


Dont you just love getting an unexpected surprize? I think we all do,right?

However, I love to be the giver. Theres something so powerful for me if i can brighten someones day, that I love it. Call me codependant if you will, but i will continue giving.

Oh did I also mention how my house is over full and i MUST PURGE!!!


Its a real extended event for me. I enjoy thinking of a special someone, & then choosing the best thing. Then alot more work as I customize each piece for this person.

Then The card, & i love love cards

But the greatest joy for me, is in wrapping.

I am an incredibly great wrapper, & i love doing each one thoughtfully.

Brings me so much joy !!

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